Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My Credit Card was declined, how come and what do I do?
A: This is an problem with your issuing bank. In order to process your order, you can either use the PayPal checkout option, or contact your bank and ask them to allow the charge.

Q: Can I view this content offline?
A: Unfortunately not. Currently, Flowtopia needs to be streamed via a suitable internet connection. 

: How do I view on my mobile or tablet?
A: Simply use the web browser on your device to go to, you'll be able to log in and the video player auto-scales to your screen size, so your viewing is always optimized.

Q: When do I get billed?
A: Your subscription auto-renews and your billing date can be found in your dashboard. Simply click your name in the top left of the screen and click 'Dashboard' in the dropdown menu. Then follow the link to 'subscriptions'.

Q: Can I view this platform on more than one device in my home?
A: Yes you can, but not at the same time. Ensure you're the only user who has access to your account information for security purposes.